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March For Our Lives, Wasington, DC, March, 2018

Taking A Stand


It used to be that Board rooms shunned any form of corporate activism, be it the public endorsement of a popular cause or the sharing of a point of view on a high profile political issue.  Now, whether it is angry activists on Facebook and Twitter who have the power to sway customer choice or engaged Millennial workforces that expect their leadership to take a definitive stand, civic engagement is no longer a luxury that can be ignored.  Rather, the public declaration of a political position is quickly becoming a core operating requirement.  And CEOs are defining their personal brands, along with those of their companies, by the issues they adopt.  Choosing which issues to embrace and which to leave alone is now one of the most critical decisions a CEO can make.

Working with the nation’s leading research firms, Channel Rock Strategic Advisory will help you identify those issues it makes the most sense to engage in.  And we will help you navigate the waters when it is best to stay silent. 

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