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The Bill of RIghts is central t who we are as a nation and a democracy.  Channel Rock works with its clients to help them successfully exercise thier first amendment rights.

Advancing Your Agenda


Advocating for or against a piece of legislation or a proposed regulation requires a practical understanding of the difference between politics and policy, who stands to win and lose, and how best to reach those who matter most. Channel Rock Strategic Advisory, we believe these to be most important:


  • Reputation. No matter how difficult “the ask,” if people like and respect you, they will listen. Time and again we’ve found that clients who begin with a strong reputation have greater success than those who need to build or repair their reputations while trying to advocate. Managing your reputation “while the grass is green” positions you for maximum opportunity in time of need.  

  • Relationships. Make no mistake – relationships matter. Even today, when seemingly everything can be done from a distance and online, personal relationships often prove pivotal. Knowing the right people can be crucial to the success of your advocacy efforts. 


  • Influence. Knowing how to increase and leverage your influence and knowing which players have the most influence over key target audiences can be critical to campaign success. Channel Rock Strategic Advisory helps clients develop dynamic relationship and influence mapping tools that guide and target campaign efforts.

  • Research. The effectiveness of your messages can depend on subtle changes in language.  The ways you choose to deliver those messages to your target audiences can shape their impact. Channel Rock Strategic Advisory develops a comprehensive research plan that provides actionable information on all key variables before your campaign begins – and ongoing measurement thereafter to enable you to adjust as needed. 

  • Media Mastery. Traditional media relations are still critical for almost every advocacy effort. Knowing which journalists and what outlets can best tell your story and reach the most influential audiences is essential. Campaigns must also seamlessly incorporate Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms along with understanding how and when paid advertising can play a critical role.  Channel Rock orchestrates all of these and more.

  • Speed. Change happens fast in Washington. What was true today may no longer hold tomorrow.  Flexibility rules. Strategies and messaging must be constantly fine-tuned. Channel Rock Strategic Advisory helps you stay a step ahead, always ready to take advantage of any openings the environment might present.  

We have participated in some of the nation's most high profile advocacy efforts from the earliest days of health care reform to the formulation of national energy policy and much in between.  We stand ready to apply our deep advocacy expertise to help you advocate and win.  

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