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Staying In Control


An issue that has the potential to negatively impact a business or organization can come from almost anywhere - proposed legislation, a company misstep, rumors on Wall Street or Main Street, or societal shifts in opinions or beliefs, to name just a few. Social media is now the battleground where issues amplify, multiply and spread faster than ever before.    


Effectively managing an issue before it becomes a significant liability – or a crisis – requires fast action and a nuanced understanding of the risks and opportunities in the current environment, along with comprehensive knowledge of the influencers and the channels that can affect both.

At Channel Rock Strategic Advisory, we have managed issues ranging from contaminated soil appearing outside of plant boundaries to calorie and salt content requirements on quick service food chain menu boards.   We help our clients anticipate and prepare for the issues they may face and effectively respond if and when they do emerge.  Experience has taught us that a confident response – one that builds good will and understanding while aggressively countering the opposition – is the best approach.


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