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Calm, Clear, Consistent


A crisis for your organization can erupt anytime and anywhere – from plant operation problems to C-suite malfeasance to the actions of a hostile stakeholder group. Crises usually occur with little warning.  They require you to respond immediately.  The quality of your response can shape your enterprise’s reputation – and performance – for years to come.  


Effectively managing – and mitigating – a crisis requires expertise, judgement and experience. Knowing when and how to communicate, with whom, and who is best suited to deliver a specific message are all critical decisions that must be made swiftly and surely. 


When should the CEO speak? Should the General Counsel be public facing?  How do we best deploy social media platforms such as Facebook at Twitter to get our message across?  How do we reassure the affected public, employees and shareholders that we are acting in their best interest?  These questions and many others need to be answered correctly in real time.  With the right answers, your organization can transform a crisis into an opportunity – and can even enhance your reputation in the process.  


Robert Mathias, Channel Rock's founder, has helped many clients respond optimally to adversities, including some of the nation’s most high-profile crises.  An E. coli outbreak that had taken several people’s lives and sickened many more; a nationwide recall of a beloved kitchen staple; an energy company’s public response to an environmental catastrophe – Robert has crafted corporate responses to these and other crises and helped the companies rebuild their reputations.  He also has helped many companies with crisis preparedness – leading scenario planning activities, developing detailed crisis plans, and directing mock crisis drills.  


When crisis strikes – and ideally long before – Channel Rock stands ready to help you plan, respond and thrive. 

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