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Meet Your Match With Ease


Selecting a public relations or public affairs agency can be time-consuming and frustrating.  With so many agencies to choose from and little true differentiation among them, it can be difficult to discern which one will work best with your team and accomplish what you need.


Channel Rock Strategic Advisory can help you:

  • Determine and articulate exactly what you need in an agency

  • Define a clear set of objectives that will be understood by all involved

  • Develop the right call list to include only those agencies best suited to your needs

  • Prescreen agencies so that you meet only with a small group of finalists

  • Choose the best agency to meet your needs

  • Negotiate a contract with your chosen partner to ensure you get the value promised  

We have been involved in hundreds of successful agency searches from both sides of the table.  We know how the search process should work as well as what can drive it off the rails. Your time is valuable. Channel Rock Strategic Advisory can help you speed your agency search and find the right fit.

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