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Washingon DC's Metro Trains have sufferred signifcant reputation challenges

Safeguarding Your Most Valuable Asset


We know from experience that cultivating a positive and durable reputation is crucial for earning influence, shaping debates, protecting yourself from adversity and achieving the best outcomes for your business. But a durable reputation is hard to build and easy to damage.  Maintaining yours requires constant vigilance and care, and ongoing adaptation to the ever-changing landscape within and around your organization.


At Channel Rock Strategic Advisory, we identify and analyze the variables that contribute to our clients’ reputations and determine how best to influence each of them.  And we help you tell your story in ways that resonate with the stakeholders that matter most.


From Fortune 100 energy and chemical companies to the top industry trade associations, we have been involved in building some of the nation's leading brands and nurturing the reputations that accompany them. Channel Rock's reputation management expertise can help you build and maintain a reputation that will insure you against risk and position you for success in an increasingly complex and competitive environment.

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